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Make Money Working Online

Earning money through monetizing your blog can take time. So today I wanted to tell you of another way that you can earn money while you are figuring out which ads and affiliate programs work for your audience. It still involves your blog though.

You can trade on your blog’s credibility to work as a freelance writer. Your blog is an easily accessible display of your writing capability and your knowledge on specific subjects. Even if you haven’t worked as a freelance writer before, you can cite your own posts as an example of your work. Once you have written a few articles for other blogs or magazines, you can cite those articles in addition to your blog.

Where can you find work as a freelance writer? 

I landed my first freelance job on the recommendation of a friend and it was based on my knowledge of Greek. How obscure is that? I share it so that you don’t set self-imposed limits on the topics you think  you can write about. You may have a skill that you take for granted that will prove useful to a specialized audience or magazine. That Greek article led to a great job that paid off our truck.

Almost every magazine has contact information online or in their magazine. They usually just provide a name and email, but occasionally provide general guidelines for writing for their publication. Print magazines generally pay much better than blogs. For more information, read this thorough article on How to Get Paid to Write for Magazines.

So if magazines pay better, why do I write primarily for blogs? I like the faster publication timeline and the informality of writing for blogs. As with print magazines, when you become established you will be able to command more per article. Here are a few resources for finding paid writing assignments for online sites:

Jobs for Bloggers at Problogger

The Ultimate List of Better-Paid Blogging Gigs

I often see people looking for freelance writers on Twitter. I recommend following the blogs and magazines you are interested in writing for on Twitter. You can even create a list, so you can easily scroll through their tweets. This will give you a heads up on the topics they are interested in or their writing needs that you can fill.

Have you worked as a freelance writer? Share your experience in the comment section.


  1. Thanks for the info! My plan is to start pursuing freelance gigs this fall and build a side business to help pay for the extras for our family. I’m a bit nervous about pitching, though the only way to get better is to get started. 😉

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